Spotlight on: Garnier Botanical Range

Hello, happy New Year, and welcome back!

I interrupt the Science of Skincare (S.o.S) series to give you a sneak peak into the products which I personally have been loving recently. Being the product junkie I am, I’ve often found it difficult to track the products which truly make an impact in my skin care routine, simply because I am juggling at least a hundred products at once! So, late last year, I decided to discipline the child in me, and to focus on using a single product line at once. I decided to go with the Garnier Botanicals range: reasonable price point, and the claims were quite attractive. There are four ranges in the line: Aloe, Honey, Green Tea and Rose; each suited to the needs of different skin types. As far as I have seen, all lines except the Honey are currently available in South Africa. According to the packaging, none of the products contain parabens, silicons or artificial colourants- which is awesome, if you’re looking for clean and gentle skin care products.

I went for the Rose line, which is made for dry and sensitive skin. I have very dry skin (though people can never tell- I have worked SUPER hard at that); but its not sensitive per se- it is hardly irritated or inflamed. I love the hydrating qualities of rose water, so I thought why not?

  • Cleansing Milk: I initially used this as a face wash, however, it does not foam very well; and it does not give you that clean feeling. However, as many an English teacher have said, reading is a skill. I was not aware that the product description lists it as a makeup removing milk. I’ve since used it as a make up remover, and I have loved it. It is thick and creamy, and easily dissolves makeup, without leaving the skin feeling stripped and tight.
  • Soothing toner: This is my favourite product in the line, surprisingly. I have never been a fan of the toning step, because most toners which I’ve tried have either dehydrated my face further due to the heavy alcohol content; or have simply felt like water on the skin. This one, though, I have been reaching for at least twice a day. It acts as a moisture primer of sorts- a layer for your moisturiser to lock in. I will definitely be purchasing more, and back ups, and more back ups!
  • Botanical day cream: A pleasant surprise. I was reluctant to complete the collection by purchasing this cream, because in the past, most drug store creams have been inadequate in moisturising my skin. This cream however, leaves the skin adequately moisturised, and leaves a beautiful radiance.   Two draw backs: the size (its only 50ml) and the fact that it contains no SPF.

Because the Rose range has no face wash, I decided to reach for the Gel cleanser in the Green Tea range, just to keep it in the Garnier family. The line is formulated for combination to oily skin. It gives a good cleanse, especially after a hot summer’s day, when your skin feels sticky. However, it is a tad too harsh for dry and sensitive skins, and it would be a no-go in winter. I will continue using it until the colder weather sets it. If you have dry skin like I do, make sure to follow up with the toner, and a good dose of moisturiser.

I must say, I am proud of myself for having the discipline to stick to one product range for the last 2 months, and I can say that it has paid off.  Which product lines are you using and loving? Let me know here or under the Instagram post on the @dr_ezinhle page.

Until next time,

Peace & Lovely Things,


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  1. Oyama Mfeketho says:

    Loved this. Will defs try them out. Chomam!

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